5th Feb

FTSE ORB Index Series has launched

Investec, one of the companies at the forefront of the retail bond market, thought there would be benefits arising from a dedicated ORB index as the retail bond market becoming more established   

In June 2012, Investec started developing a retail bond index in-house because they believed that a retail bond index would give retail investors and fund managers a point of reference to measure retail bond performance against, and further enhance market transparency.   

During the development of the retail bond index, Investec began working with the LSE and FTSE. After sharing thoughts and work progression, Investec and FTSE decided that working together was the way forward and that FTSE was best placed to manage the series on an ongoing basis.   

The result of their working relationship came with the launch of the FTSE ORB Index Series. Importantly, passing the index on to an independent index provider removes any potential conflict of interests Investec may have faced and leaves them free to offer index related securities in the future.   

The involvement of FTSE as a very reputable global index provider will give further credence to the retail bond market.   It has been suggested that this index series will enhance transparency and this will benefit investors and issuers alike. 

For further information you can contact: 

Michael Smith ( 020 7597 4068), 

Elisabeth Afseth ( 020 7597 5751)

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