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      1.     Q: How many intakes are there in a year at LUT?

             A: There is only one intake in September. Applications, however, are accepted all year round! Those who come early can study Chinese language before major courses start for free (accommodation fee is needed)!

      2.    Q: Is Chinese class a required course and is there a requirement of Chinese level for graduation?

              A: Yes, Chinese is a required course and you need to pass HSK level 3 to graduate. Please go to to find the introduction to the HSK test.

      3.     Q: Is there any airport pick-up service for new students?

          A: Yes, there is. Please read our Notice of Arrivals at Admission-Before and After Arrival on our website for details.

4.     Q: Do I have to live on campus when I study at LUT?

             A: As a new student, you are required to live on campus for the first year. After that it is permitted to live off campus.

5.     Q: Is it convenient to live at LUT and in the city of Jinzhou?

           A: Yes, it is very convenient. There are cafeterias on campus and many restaurants close by. Street markets, convenience stores, supermarkets, and coffee shops are also available on and around the campus. In our city, there are quite a few big supermarkets and shopping malls, where all living facilities and a variety of western foods can be found. Public buses and taxis are available all the time. Transportation is very convenient.

6.     Q: Is there a kitchen in the student dormitory? How about the washing machines?

           A: There is no kitchen or washing machine in the room, but there are public kitchens and laundry rooms in every dormitory building. On and around campus, you can easily find laundry shops.

7.     Q: What do most students do after graduating from LUT?

              A: LUT alumni have a global presence and they are active in various parts of the world. Most alumni go back to contribute to their countries in different fields; some of them continue to study for MS or PhD programs in China and other countries. Our graduates are becoming more and more recognized by domestic companies and enterprises in many cities across China. In the last few years, quite a few of our students have been employed in our city and their work is highly praised.


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